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Popcorn Show and Sales Do and Donts

By MrMyers | September 3, 2012

Hello everyone,

Show and Sale season is here and the first 1 will be at Wawa on Schantz Rd. on Sun. 9/9. The following week we are at Kuhnsville Carwash on Sat. 9/15. We still need 2 Webelos (only) for the 9 – 11:30 shift at Kuhnsville.

Just as a reminder here are the Do’s and Dont’s for all Show and Sales:

DO wear Class A uniform. (shirt tucked in and look neat)
DON’T eat or chew gum

DO remember to be clean and presentable
DON’T block doorways

DO be polite, pleasant and smile. Remember, you representing Cub Scouting!
DON’T stand directly in front of table. People need to see the banner and the popcorn we are selling

DO arrive on time
DON’T have dood or drink at the table. You should never have food in your mouth while selling or talking to customers.

DO come dresses appropriately for the weather.
DON’T expect to sit. We are working to sell popcorn.

DO stay only the time reserved for your pack.
DON’T take friends or younger siblings.

DO be cheerful and courteous. Thank people whether they buy or not.
DON’T jump, run, play, or go into the parking lot.

DO settle all disputes politely and calmly in the Cub Scout manner.
DON’T involve the store manager or the boys. Don’t smoke at a booth or in front of boys or customers.

DO let the boys do the work.
Scouts should help carry boxes, setup tables and load up cars when done.
DON’T forget to pick up your scout on time.

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