Fogelsville Cub Scout Pack 72


What is it? 

Teamwork at its best! Cubmobiles are wooden cars, built to seat one cub scout, with three others pushing as hard as they can from behind.  The cars are built to exact specifications, decorated and raced over a series of different courses. Pack 72 has cubmobiles available for most dens.

Our scouts practice a few times, to prepare for the Parkland Grand Prix, which takes place on a Saturday in April. Pack 72 competes against other packs from the area in such events as longest roll, serpentine, and the all-out final relay.

What you need to know 

Teams are divided by Den/Rank.  A team must have four members:  one to drive, three to push.  There are plenty of race opportunities to take turns driving.  All team members must wear bicycle helmets to participate. Scouts wear their uniform shirts (without neckerchiefs), or team shirts. In addition, in one event Tiger Cubs must tie their shoelaces, so at least some team members must wear laced shoes.

The Parkland Grand Prix is held at the Roma Corporate Center parking lot – corner of Walbert Avenue and Cedar Crest Blvd in Allentown. Please see the Calendar of Events for Starting Times and Rain Dates.

Hat, sunscreen and water are recommended.
Baked goods, hot dogs, water, and soda are usually for sale.

Rules and judging

The type of events held are: Drag Race, Serpentine, Endurance Race, Farthest Roll and Start-Stop-Start (which incorporates basic scouting skills). Champions are determined in each age range. A final Relay Race is held where one entry from each age bracket gather together together by pack to race for the Parkland Cup.

In the Start-Stop-Start Race, scouts demonstrate their skills with knots:

General Rules:
1. Cubs will wear uniform shirts without neckerchiefs, or may wear Team shirts.
2. Bicycle helmets must be worn throughout the day, during the competition.
3. Each team will be assigned their own cub mobile.  Teams must stay intact throughout the race.
4. A roster of team members will be attached to each car, and will be checked prior to start of each event.
5. All vehicles must pass inspection prior to competing.
6. Each car will need a working auto (buckle) seat belt, with the driver buckled in securely.
7. Each car will display their pack numbers on side panels, to be 3 inch in size.
8. Each team will consist of scouts of appropriate rank or age, and may not exceed a total of 6 boys.
9. Teams who are short members are permitted to be supplementaed by lower ranking cubs, or by family members of same age or younger.
10. No items/decorations will be suspended from the cars that may create a hazard.
11. An adult will accompany each team throughout the race.
12. Rules violations will result in event disqualification.
13. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in team disqualification, for the remaining events as well as the final relay race.
14. If a team wishes to contest an event, they must do so before the final relay race, by bringing it to the attention of the staff.

Parkland Grand Prix documentation

Cubmobile registration and race guidelines