Fogelsville Cub Scout Pack 72

Father-son camp-out

WHO: Father* / Parent and Son (*FATHER- father, grandfather, relative or significant other. One adult per child is ideal unless there is more than one boy per family. If the boy is attending with other than his father  a permission slip is required from the parent.)

WHERE:    Camp Spirit

WHEN: A Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning in June. For this year’s dates, please check the Pack 72 event calendar.

RAIN DATE: NONE, In the event of heavy rains, we’ll camp indoors.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Bring your own tent, scout tents will be available for those who do not have tents.
A Sunday Church Service will be provided at camp. This does not count as Sunday Mass.

WHAT TO BRING: sleeping bag or blanket, pillows, personal hygiene items, eating utensils-knife, fork, HOT DOG STICK, spoon and cup with name on them, rain gear, pocket knife for adults only, Class A uniform for church service.  Bring extra clothes and shoes for your boys. See this year’s form/flyer for other details.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Electronic devices. No alcoholic beverages or tobacco are permitted at the camp-out.

We will provide Saturday supper, Saturday night snack and Sunday breakfast.

What to Expect: (This may vary from year to year)
  1:00 PM Saturday arrive and Set up tents, dinning fly and benches for campfire
  3:00 PM Whittling instruction & Field Games (Super Soaker water battles, Flashlight tag, Relay games, Hiking the grounds of Camp Spirit)
  4:00 PM Start Fire for Cooking
  6:00 PM Supper, cook hot dogs
  7:00 PM Plan skits for Campfire program
  8:30 Campfire program
  9:30 Snack
  10:00 PM Saturday Lights out Bed time for all Scouts
  7:00 AM Sunday Calisthenics
  7:15 AM Breakfast (the fun continues!)
  8:00 Chapel Service
  9:00 Clean up and head home

Rules for Father-Son Overnight Campout
 - HAVE FUN!!!
 - Be Safe, follow the buddy system (scouts must always be with another scout)
 - Have a good time and make some memories 
 - Remember for some people this is their first campout
 - Check yourself and your son for Ticks from time to time
 - Boundaries –Parking lot and Game field     NO one is allowed in the creek.
 - Fathers are responsible for their own son or sons
 - Wear class A uniform for Sunday church service
 - No alcoholic beverages or tobacco are permitted at the camp out.
 - Scout will only be allowed to use a pocket knife in a designated area while under close supervision of scouts parent