Fogelsville Cub Scout Pack 72

Cub accounts

“I keep hearing about Cub-Accounts.  What are they?  Does my son have one?”
Yes, your son has a cub account.  All cubs in pack 72 have an account.  Your cub may have money in that account if he participated in Pack fundraisers (Popcorn & Ham sandwiches).  Part of every fundraiser is to raise money for the boys to participate in as many of the cub programs as desired.  The money is managed by our Pack Treasurer and a report is given to your den leader every month.  Ask your Den leader how much is in your son’s account.

“How do we use the money in our Cub Account?”
To use money from your account, a signed permission slip must be given to the Pack Treasurer.  If your son has been working on earning additional badges, beltloops or pins, -  you will need to indicate your approval for money to be withdrawn from your sons account.   Notify your den leader to withdraw from your sons account for the awards, who will pass the information on to the Treasurer.
     Accounts can be used for:
     Re-Chartering Dues       Den Dues      Father/Son Campout
     Boys Life                        Camping        Pack Activities
     Pinewood Derby            Day Camp      Resident Camp
     Field Trips

“My son sold popcorn…. What happens with that money?”
Profits from the sale of popcorn are distributed to several levels of the scouting organization.  The Council, the Pack and the CubScout all benefit from the sale.  The money allocated to the Pack pays for advancements (badges), equipment, office supplies, and activities.  A budget report is provided every month.  If you would like to see this months budget, please ask your den leader. 12% of the money goes directly to your cub into their cub account.
 Other Fundraising Opportunities in Pack 72
    Ham & Cheese Sandwich Sale (Spring time) 100% of the profits go to the cub.  Exact figure depends on the cost of supplies.
    Recycling Program: Cell Phones, empty ink-jet and laser-jet cartriders (no Epson) .  There is a box at the pack house to collect these items.  We can also provide boxes for collection at your place of employment.  Please see our contact page.   Proceeds go toward Pack activities.