Fogelsville Cub Scout Pack 72


Several fundraising activities occur throughout the year of Scouting. Each has a different purpose:


Like most packs and troops, Pack 72 participates in the annual popcorn fundraiser. Scouts sell Trail’s End brand popcorn, to friends and family, door-to-door sales, and at Show-and-Sell events, during the months of September and October. A substantial portion (currently 37%) of total proceeds flow to Pack 72. This income funds almost all pack activities throughout the year. In addition, a portion of the money that comes back into the pack is transferred to boys’ invididual cub accounts, to help cover their scouting-related expenses through the year.  The amount credited to cub accounts depends on the boy’s individual popcorn sale, and the number of Show-and-Sell events in which he has participated.

There are several additional popcorn-related incentives – boys receive incentive gifts based on the amount of popcorn they sell, and the pack can qualify for a pizza party based on its overall popcorn sales.

Ham and Cheese

In February/March, scouts can participate in ham and cheese sandwich sales. All of the profits (more than half of the sales revenue) go straight into the scout’s cub account. Sandwiches are prepared by parents of participating scouts, one evening in March.

Friends of Scouting

Each year Minsi Trails council establishes a budget to provide unit service, administration, training, outdoor and camping facilities, and quality program activities in the continuing effort to serve more boys.  Just as a pack raises funds for pack operation through den dues and money-earning projects, the council raises funds for council operation through the United Way and/or other methods.  By enrolling as a Friend of Scouting and supporting your local Unided Way or community appeal, you can be helpful in providing financial resources for your local council.

Pack 72 holds a Friends of Scouting fund drive once a year, typically during the Pinewood Derby event. The goals of the program are presented, and families are encouraged to participate at whatever level they can.