Fogelsville Cub Scout Pack 72


Wolf Badge Requirements
These are the requirements as they appear in the 2003 edition of the Wolf Handbook (#33450).

To earn the Wolf rank a Cub Scout must complete 58 tasks out of a possible 74 tasks that are offered in the book.

If the Cub Scout has not previously earned the Bobcat Badge, it must be earned first.

Note that these activities are primarily done at home and signed off by the parent after the boy has completed each task. The book is then shown to the Den Leader who records the progress and also signs the boy’s book.


-Feats of Skill
-Your Flag
-Keep Your Body Healthy
-Know Your Home and Community
-Tools for Fixing and Building
-Start a Collection
-Your Living World
-Cooking and Eating
-Be Safe at Home and On the Street
-Family Fun
-Duty to God
-Making Choices
For a complete list and description of the requirements of the Wolf Badge please see: