Fogelsville Cub Scout Pack 72


The Tiger Cub, Cub Scout and Webelo Scout uniforms help build pride, loyalty and self-respect.  Wearing the uniform to all den and pack meetings and activites also encourages a neat appearance, a sense of belonging, and good behavior.  Boys dress the same and are not categorized or judged by their clothing.  The uniform is not intended to hide our individuality, but it is a way we give each other strength and support. 

Class “A” Uniform-

Shirt: This is your blue (Cub Scouts) or khaki (Webelos) shirt on which you display all of your earned patches.
Pants/Shorts: Dark blue (Cubs), olive (Webs). Neat blue jeans are OK as uniform pants too.
Neckerchief & Slide: There is a different color for each rank.
Hat: There are different colors for each rank.
Belt: Navy belt
Socks: Dark or Navy

Once a year, usually at the November pack meeting, the pack conducts a uniform inspection, where each scout is graded on all aspects of their uniform. See the Uniform Inspection instructions and score sheet.

Class “B” Shirts are any cubscouting T-shirt.  (i.e. Popcorn shirt, Jambo shirt, etc…)  Use your Class “B” shirt for situations that call for it: Hiking, Tubing, etc…  Camp Spirit/Pack 72 shirts are available in Youth and Adult sizes.  These shirts are not just for our cubscouts, you can outfit the whole family!!!   We have offical Pack 72 class “B” T-shirts available for order through our pack – You can not buy them at the Scout Shop.

Read more about Scouting uniforms at the Minsi Trails website.