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Extra popcorn show and sale dates

By MrMyers | September 4, 2012

We need to fill a large number of slots for the Trexlertown Walmart show and sales on:

Sat Sep 22
Fri Oct 12
Fri Oct 26

Please contact Frances Hong at to check on available time slots and to schedule your scout.

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Popcorn Show and Sales Do and Donts

By MrMyers | September 3, 2012

Hello everyone,

Show and Sale season is here and the first 1 will be at Wawa on Schantz Rd. on Sun. 9/9. The following week we are at Kuhnsville Carwash on Sat. 9/15. We still need 2 Webelos (only) for the 9 – 11:30 shift at Kuhnsville.

Just as a reminder here are the Do’s and Dont’s for all Show and Sales:

DO wear Class A uniform. (shirt tucked in and look neat)
DON’T eat or chew gum

DO remember to be clean and presentable
DON’T block doorways

DO be polite, pleasant and smile. Remember, you representing Cub Scouting!
DON’T stand directly in front of table. People need to see the banner and the popcorn we are selling

DO arrive on time
DON’T have dood or drink at the table. You should never have food in your mouth while selling or talking to customers.

DO come dresses appropriately for the weather.
DON’T expect to sit. We are working to sell popcorn.

DO stay only the time reserved for your pack.
DON’T take friends or younger siblings.

DO be cheerful and courteous. Thank people whether they buy or not.
DON’T jump, run, play, or go into the parking lot.

DO settle all disputes politely and calmly in the Cub Scout manner.
DON’T involve the store manager or the boys. Don’t smoke at a booth or in front of boys or customers.

DO let the boys do the work.
Scouts should help carry boxes, setup tables and load up cars when done.
DON’T forget to pick up your scout on time.

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2012 Popcorn Order forms

By MrMyers | August 30, 2012

For those who couldn’t make it to the Back to Pack event, 2012 popcorn order forms can be found HERE.

You may start selling with these right away and there will be more information posted weekly regarding popcorn so stay tuned!

The annual popcorn presentation will be at the pack meeting on Sept. 25th.

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Back to Pack!

By MrBroekhuis | August 20, 2012

Our last summertime event doubles as the kick-off for a new year of cubscouting! Be sure to come out to Camp Spirit on Tuesday, August 28th at 6:30pm for our Back to Pack festivities to catch up and have some fun.
Read more in the Back to Pack flyer

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Hoagie Sale

By MrBroekhuis | April 2, 2012

Cub Scout hoagie sale will take place on April 18. All profits from the sale will be added to the cub account for the individual scout based on the number of hoagies sold. This is a great opportunity to supplement your scout’s account for camps this summer.
The hoagies will be Italian style hoagies. Plain has no onions or peppers, Cold has onions only and Hot has onions and peppers on the hoagie.
Click here for the order form (in Excel format)

Parents are asked to help assemble the hoagies the evening of April 18 at 5:30pm and then orders will be filled to take with you. The orders are due to Michelle Cardinale no later than April 10th.

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Camp Spirit Work Day Spring 2012

By MrBroekhuis | March 19, 2012

Please reserve some time on Saturday, May 5th to come and help out as Pack 72 and Troop 72 work together to get/keep Camp Spirit in prime shape for all the activities through the rest of the year. As always, work goes on all day (9am-4pm). Show up with your energy and a few tools suitable to the tasks at hand, and stay for the hot dog lunch! There are plenty of jobs for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and parents – read more in the Work Day Flyer and Work Day page.

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Protected: Blue & Gold Banquet 2012

By MrBroekhuis | February 12, 2012

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Protected: Pack and Den Photos November 2011

By MrBroekhuis | December 1, 2011

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Den Assignments 2011/2012

By MrBroekhuis | September 5, 2011

Cubmaster Mrs. Cardinale has announced the den assignments for this year’s pack meetings. They are subject to change, depending on the particular pack meeting logistics, so check back here each month to make sure you have your up-to-date assignments. For now, the assignments are as follows (last edited on October 2, 2011):

Setup/greeting: den 8
Colors: den 7
Clean-up: den 1

Setup/greeting: den 7
Colors: den 8
Song: den 9
Skit: den 1
Clean-up: den 2

Setup/greeting: den 4
Colors: den 10
Song: den 7
Skit: den 2
Clean-up: den 3

Setup/greeting: den 5
Colors: den 9
Song: den 2
Skit: den 8
Clean-up: den 7

Setup/greeting: den 1
Colors: den 5
Song: den 3
Skit: den 10
Clean-up: den 8

Setup/greeting: den 2
Colors: den 1
Clean-up: den 10

Setup/greeting: den 3
Colors: den 2
Song: den 1
Skit: den 4
Clean-up: den 9

Setup/greeting: den 10
Colors: den 3
Clean-up: den 4

Setup/greeting: den 9
Colors: den 4
Song: den 5
Skit: den 3
Clean-up: den 5

You can also view the schedule in Excel table format.

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Camp Spirit Fall 2011 Work Day

By MrBroekhuis | August 24, 2011

Make sure to put this Fall’s Work Day at Camp Spirit on your calendars – our lodge and grounds need all the help they can get for a good number of maintenance, repair, and upgrade activities. Read more in the Work Day Flyer.

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